Fallen tree

Here’s another camping picture, featuring Loyal Reader Number One and a tree. The interesting thing about the tree is that, if you look carefully, you can see that it grew on that big square rock and sent all its roots over to the dirt on the left. It had no strength and fell, but not before it got pretty big. Very interesting tree, that.

I looked at and bought a car for LRN1 to use when he gets his license. It’s a 1993 Ford Taurus. It’s in quite good shape and needs nearly nothing – with the notable exception of the air conditioning. Everything else was good enough and the price was good enough to make it worth buying. LRN1 has until next summer to figure out how to get the A/C to work.

Anyway, the car is nice and tight – totally rattle-free, in fact. The upholstery looks practically new, the carpet is nearly perfect, the paint is quite good, the sheet metal is great, the engine runs fine, it shifts smoothly, and all the accessories work. That’s not bad for a 14-year-old car. I hope LRN1 really enjoys it. If he takes good care of it, it will take good care of him.

Otherwise, I’m tired and going to bed. See you tomorrow.

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