Over there

This guy has been featured on the blog before, but I thought it was time for his closeup. I wonder what he’s pointing at.

Bought Anita Baker‘s album titled “Rapture” from iTunes tonight. That sure is a good record. I also bought a couple of other old songs I’ve enjoyed over the years. One of the things I really like about the iTunes Store is that you can buy a whole album if it’s really good or just a great song from a mediocre album. The downside is that it’s way too easy to spend a buck here and there until it adds up to hundreds. I’m not that bad yet, fortunately.

I finished the RV cookbook tonight. It was okay but not great. Read more about it on the HRVA this weekend. Gotta order or go get those lantern parts Real Soon Now. That rebuild article isn’t going to write itself.

The Gardenville house sale is finally moving forward! Our real estate agent there finally got the nerve to call them and tell them to get moving or get going. They got moving. We expect to have the fully-signed contract tomorrow, with inspections happening on about Wednesday next week. It’s good to know the new people really want to buy the place. We’ve been wondering because they’ve been so slow to get paperwork done. Even after they got their buyer straightened out and sent us an updated contract, they took days to get us their earnest money check. In fact, we still don’t have it. They said they overnighted it yesterday, but it never arrived today. Our agent called and told them to fix it now. They cancelled the old check and drove another one over to their agent today, who will take it personally to our agent tomorrow. Hooray. There are still a lot to hurdles to cross (inspections and actually getting their money), but we’ll keep pushing it along. Keep praying, wishing, and hoping for us, Loyal Readers! We need the money!!

Speaking of needing the money, I need to get my beauty sleep so I can earn another small fortune in Sunnyvale tomorrow. See you then.

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