Here’s Loyal Reader Number Four taking a picture of Loyal Reader Number One at the oft-photographed overlook in the Pennsylvania mountains.

Decent day today. My Loyal Readers will no doubt be surprised to hear that the weather was perfect. Again. And I’m not complaining. I read that it’s snowing today in Detroit and is going to freeze in Pennsylvania over the weekend. Heh heh heh. I guess we need to call our real estate agent and make sure the heat is on in the house, huh? It was in the mid-70s in Lardville today and the mid-to-upper-60s in Sunnyvale. Aaah.

Loyal Reader Number One will be sixteen years old tomorrow! He’s away camping with the scouts tonight and most of the day tomorrow (sounds like a lot of fun, by the way) and has requested to invite some friends over tomorrow night for a Pool Party. Permission granted. I hope enough people show up and that it’s warm enough to swim. We’ll heat the pool up some during the day and have the spa temperature nice and warm, so hopefully it will be nice.

There are plenty of things to accomplish tomorrow. Loyal Reader Number Four and I are going to the church to clean it sometime in the morning. We need to do something with the back yard, I think. There are a few panels of the back fence that still need to be coated as well. I need to clean the grease off of the floor mats in the Honda and Mercury – the oil change joint was kind enough to leave use those little gifts recently. The floor mats on the Suburban are disgustingly filthy as well. There’s a bunch of Ward Mission Leader stuff to get done too. I suspect the day will be fairly full (link warning: the ugliest, jarringest pink web page ever).

It’s Friday the Thirteenth today! Nothing unlucky happened to me. Yet. I’m not worried, though. I don’t believe in it. I’ve always believed it’s bad luck to believe in superstition.

The train seems to be moving a little slowly today. I left the office at 4:00 this afternoon, rather than my usual 5:00, and experience says the earlier train is late a lot more often. It’s usually because of slow freight or Amtrak trains. Oh, the speed is picking back up now. Good. I’d really like to get home on schedule tonight.

My brother (unfortunately, not a Loyal Reader, so we’ll call him Loyal Reader Number Zero for now) called me this afternoon just to say hello. He was on the way to the boat dealer. He just bought a boat – a sixteen-footer – and needed to pick up a few things. I’m not sure why he bought it, but I hope he enjoys it. A boat is just about the last thing in this world I want. I don’t have any fun riding around in them (except sailboats, of course) with all the noise, and it’s absolutely no fun owning them. In fact, they say the second-happiest day in your life is when you buy a boat, and the first-happiest day is when you sell it. Let’s all hope LRN0’s experience is different.

On the other hand, I sometimes enjoy riding on someone else’s boat. Maybe he’ll give me a ride.

We haven’t had any new Loyal Readers in a while. Anyone have any friends you would like to invite? Anyone have any friends at all? Hello? Well, then.

As mentioned yesterday, watch the HRVA website for something new over the weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday.

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