Here’s my mom with some birds (she’s the one wearing two hats) at the lame-o zoo in Nassau, taken during last year’s Disney cruise. It seems like such a long time ago already.

By the way, we got a call from Grandma on Saturday. She wanted to talk to Loyal Reader Number One, who was at the camporee. Grandma, on the other hand, was at Disneyworld. Some of my extended family members are certainly Disney fans. I must admit I enjoy Disneyland myself, but I don’t have the mania – the Disney fire inside – like some of them do. Especially since they PC’d the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. And don’t even get me started on them changing it to the Jack Sparrow P of the C. Yuck-o-rama.

As part of FHE tonight, we played a game LRN1 received at his birthday party on Saturday. It’s called Whoonu, and it’s part of the Cranium Empire. Based on a quick look at the instructions, we all expected it to be subpar. However, we really enjoyed it. Each player gets four cards, each of which has a word or two describing a thing or an activity. You pick the two things you think the Whoozit (the person who’s “it” and doesn’t get any cards that round) will most like. The Whoozit gathers all the cards and orders them from favorite to least favorite. Points are distributed to the guessers according to their ranking. It only took a few minutes to play and we had fun trying to guess what the others would enjoy. Recommended, especially for a quick Home Evening activity.

Drove to work today. It took two hours to get there and just over an hour and a half to get home. Not too bad. As usual, I enjoyed the trip. Work was busy and enjoyable, also as usual.

Nothing else to report tonight. See you tomorrow.

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