Rock field

Here’s my famous picture of Loyal Reader Number Four on the edge of a giant rock field in Hickory Run State Park in Pennsylvania. It was really cool. And we were camping. Happy happy joy joy.

I found that picture on the Windows disk of Moe, my elderly Linux file server. LRN4 needed a copy of our genealogy file, and it was too big of a pain to attach a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to the machine and reboot it into Windows, so I looked up how to read NTFS files on Fedora Core 3 Linux. While I was in there, I found a bunch of other old stuff, including a large number of pictures. That one up there is one of them. I’ll post a few more here over the next several days.

Nothing else exciting today. I listened to a couple of new (to me) podcasts, featuring a couple of well-known conservative bloggers from the Instapundit and Power Line sites. Instapundit didn’t have anything at all to say about politics but was interesting nonetheless. Power Line was a little more political and also interesting. It was nice to have a break from all the tech podcasts.

LRN4 had several women over when I got home tonight for the monthly book club meeting. It appeared that a few of them had actually read the book this month! In any case, I think they all had a good time.

Time for bed already! That adventure with Windows files took a long time. See you tomorrow.

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