Family 2003

I was recently accused of not knowing what my own children look like. Here’s proof that I can tell them in a crowd at least once out of two tries. Pretty good-looking family there.

Loyal Reader Number One once told me I ruin the illusion when I use the Wonders of Blogger to back-date a missed post and then rat myself out, so I’m not ratting myself out this time. Of course I’m writing this post on Friday night. Not Saturday morning. No, sir. Not at all.

Went to the ward Halloween party on Friday night. It was held entirely in the parking lot, which I didn’t expect. The weather was perfect (link warning – noise), the crowd was good-sized, and it was really fun. I think it was the first Halloween party I really enjoyed since I was a teenager. That means Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two probably hated it. I was pressed into service to man the popcorn machine, Loyal Reader Number Four worked the beanbag toss, and LRN1 made cotton candy and worked at the basketball toss. Then LRN4 and I passed out candy during the trunk-or-treat. It was nice to stay busy.

LRN1, LRN2, and LRN4 are at the battle-axe class this morning, making some kind of shroud or something. I found out at the very last moment that I could have gone with them, but I hadn’t had a shower yet, so I stayed home. As soon as this blog post is finished, I’m planning to go out and work on the garage – gotta get things cleared out around the Suburban – and then maybe make an HRVA website update.

After they get back, we’re going to the library to see some Japanese(?) guys beat a bunch of big drums. Should be fun. The advertising flyer says it will be especially good for teens. Why? I have no idea. But we’re all looking forward to it.

Speaking of the HRVA, LRN4 and I took the trailer over to the DMV yesterday to finish up its California registration process. We had to let them look at the VIN and confirm that it actually exists. When we went over to pick it up, I discovered that both battery posts were pretty badly corroded, so I stopped at home with it when the DMV ordeal was over and cleaned up the battery terminals in addition to installing the shiny new California license plate. I had LRN1 take a bunch of pictures of the battery terminal work. If everything works out, I’ll write a battery terminal cleaning article for the HRVA. Weak, I know, but I need content. Don’t mock me before you try making your own RV website. Don’t mock me then either.

Time to get working on the garage. Wish me luck! See you on Monday.

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