Family portrait – unknown date

Family portrait

Here’s my family at some remote date in the past. What an attractive group! I’m not sure when it was taken, but I’m guessing we were living in Virginia at the time. Any better guesses, Loyal Readers? Great Art courtesy of . . . umm . . . some camera, taken by . . . umm . . . somebody, and part of my famous Shannon and Garden series.

That looks like a garden in the background to me, anyway. At any rate, it’s green.

Pretty good day today. Mark wasn’t feeling really well this morning, so we didn’t go the gym. Back tomorrow morning. Early tomorrow morning, as a matter of fact. Our cleaning ladies are coming at 8:00 tomorrow, so since we have to be up early anyway, we’re exercising at 8:00. Wish us luck, Loyal Readers. It’s totally barbaric to have to get up at 8:00. Don’t you agree?

Important announcement (drum roll, please): I worked today! Got a few things done, too. I spent a little more than an hour talking with my nephew Jack about search engine optimization and several other website-related topics. I submitted a bid to my friend Gary and it looks like he’s accepted it. So I’m going to make his website soon. And it looks like I may also maintain it on an ongoing basis. New line of business!

Jack also took the time to look at my website for PhotoDocumentor. It turns out that everything that could possibly be wrong with it IS wrong with it. Next assignment: redo the PhotoDoc website. I also have a bunch of PhotoDoc videos to edit heavily. That’ll keep me busy for quite a while.

And then there’s all the work I need to do on Common Core Classroom. And then there are a ton of updates needed to Morse Trainer. Of course, I don’t get paid for that one, so it’s pretty much the bottom of the barrel.

For somebody who’s not making much money, I certainly have a big backlog of work. Riches will surely follow, though. Better start thinking of tax shelters right now.

Mark and I had dinner at Rubio’s again tonight. We just can’t say no to Taco Tuesday at the best fish taco place in the world. I’m gotten to be at peace with the fact they aren’t including lime wedges with the tacos anymore. I’ve been reading about how the drug wars in Mexico have decimated the lime harvest there and how the drought in California has decimated the lime harvest there and I’ve decided to give Rubio’s a break. Plus, you can still get all the lime wedges you want at the salsa bar. And did I mention that Rubio’s makes the best fish tacos in the world?

So life is good today. Oh, how I wish Shannon were still by my side for it. But she’s not and life is still good anyway.

I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: hijacked Hershey’s truck!

See you tomorrow.

6 Responses to “Family portrait – unknown date”

  1. Julie Pita Says:

    Sleeping in to 8:00 a.m. barbaric?!? Oh, how quickly you’ve forgotten pre-retirement routines.

  2. Andy Says:

    I am 90% confident that photo was taken on the grounds of the Washington D.C. temple.

  3. Paul Says:

    I agree with Andy on the photo location. I am creeped out by the fact that I don’t look nearly as angry as I usually do in family pictures from that era…

  4. Paul Says:

    I also wonder why my hair is so long. Was this just before my mission or just before my wedding? I can’t think of any other times that my hair was that particular length.

  5. michael Says:

    I’m thinking this was probably just before Paul went on his mission. He looked so . . . normal.

  6. Paul Says:

    Hey! Just because my goatee is green/yellow and my hair is down to my shoulders…. 🙂

    I was doing a closer inspection of the photo, and everyone looks reasonably happy except Dad. He has a psychotic look in his eyes and a strange smile that looks different than normal. All those years as a rocket scientist finally drove him mad!

    Also, he’s perfected his picture smile since this was taken (by good old Melissa (or maybe Lynda))!

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