Grandma & Mia – Dec 24, 2006


Here are Shannon and Mia after our Christmas Eve 2006 visit to the Cable Car Museum in San Francisco. Mia looks a little bit tired out there. That’s Andy there in the red sweatshirt and I’m pretty sure that’s a bit of Paul’s back with the black t-shirt and picture of a gun. Of course. That was a great Christmas. Great Art courtesy of Katy (possibly) and part of my famous Shannon series.

Had a pretty good weekend. The one melancholy spot was when I had a pretty serious case of wanting my wife back on Saturday afternoon. I felt that hopeless, empty sadness again. It was a very lonesome little while, but as with everything, it eventually ended and life continued. That is happening much less frequently these days and I was quite surprised by it. But it happens and I just have to wait it out when it does.

Otherwise, the weekend was just fine. I have no records or memory of having done anything in particular on Saturday, so let’s just say it was a restful day. Oh, one thing does come to mind – when I went to the HOA board meeting on Wednesday, I took the liberty of ordering a new front license plate bracket for my beloved pickup. Picked it up on Friday and wanted to rivet it in place on the bumper, but my pop rivet gun isn’t big enough for the type of rivets this thing takes. So I went to Ken’s house on Saturday to get it done using his copious supply of tools. Lo and behold, he didn’t have the right rivet gun either. We went on a pilgrimage to Harbor Freight and found a nice cheap heavy-duty rivet gun that was just right. Brought it back to his place, riveted things together, screwed the license plate in place, and everything is just great now license plate-wise.

Sunday was peaceful too. In the afternoon, Mark and I went over to Ken and Melanie’s house for our usual Sunday dinner, which was quite enjoyable, as usual. I could only stay for an hour or so because I had committed to going to another 40+ singles event. This one was at a place called Tommy Rocker’s Southside Grill. It was their last night in business and apparently the group has gotten together there many times in the past. There were a bunch of people there, some of whom I had met before. Others were new to me and it was really nice meeting several more people. They were all really friendly, as before. There was one gal there whose husband died of lung cancer about a month ago. We spent some time talking. She could understand better than pretty much anybody what I’m going through and I think I could understand some of her pain too. It was a useful visit, hopefully for both of us. We plan to meet up again in the future.

And that pretty much describes the last few days. Did a tiny bit of work today, out of the huge mound of work I need to get done. Maybe I’ll get super productive tomorrow. Yeah, that’s it. That’s the plan. Tomorrow.

And I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: cold food-induced French McDonald’s ax attack!

See you tomorrow.

3 Responses to “Grandma & Mia – Dec 24, 2006”

  1. Andy Says:

    1. I loved that hat that Mia is wearing in this picture.

    2. Why do all of these people carry medieval weapons into fast food restaurants? Did I miss a memo?

  2. michael Says:

    You mean you don’t carry medieval weapons into fast food restaurants? How do you defend yourself against medieval restaurant attackers?

  3. Paul Says:

    I also loved that party hat! I also love that t-shirt! MP-5K with “Silence is Golden”!

    I definitely need to stock up on medieval weapons for my McDonald’s runs.

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