Feeling sick

Here’s LRN1 on a day when he was not feeling all too well. Great Art courtesy of his computer’s built-in camera, I believe, as enhanced with Photo Booth. He kind of looks like he comes from Easter Island, don’t you think?

Life’s back to normal – I spent the entire day in meetings. Found out on the way to work that I had an all-day commitment for the entire three days I’m working this week. The upside: three free lunches. The bigger upside: it looks like we’ll probably finish on two days. The even bigger upside: I only have to attend tomorrow for a short time in the morning.

You have to take your good news where you can get it.

The Loyal Readers have been working on installing a new ceiling fan in our bedroom. I’m excited to see it and even more excited to use it. One thing about the Las Vegas-based family’s house is that they’re much more comfortable when it’s hot because they have ceiling fans in essentially every room. Ought to be a good thing for us too.

There’s a bit of progress on the MARV today. LRN1’s been working on getting it to write to the SD card. It has looked like a fairly difficult task until he found an internet link to three different systems to do exactly what we need. Hopefully, he’ll get something working Real Soon Now.

We have some highly disturbing Food Violence news today, involving pretty serious Cheeto abuse. Let’s be a little more circumspect out there, snack food-wise.

See you tomorrow.

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