Road trip

Here’s LRN3 cordially helping LRN15 into her seat as they were getting into their snazzy new (to them, anyway) van on their way back to Arizona from our weekend rendezvous in Las Vegas. Picture courtesy of the famous iPhone-cam.

We’re back! Limited posting during the trip, as described earlier – the internet out there was quite unreliable. It was basically non-operative almost the whole time we were there. We got it working pretty well on Sunday, which was one of our primary weekend tasks.

The other primary tasks were visiting (mission accomplished), a visit to the fancy makeup store for LRN4 (ditto), and the removal, sandblasting, painting, and reinstallation of the Suburban’s trailer hitch receiver (ditto also).

We also managed to replace the truck’s spark plugs and wires, which was way too non-trivial and took way too long, but which was instructional also.

Otherwise, we pretty much relaxed and hung out. Very pleasant weekend, and a great time seeing LRN3 and LRN15, as well as all the Nevada-based family.

My brother-in-law Ken gave me an old Dell computer with a few problems. It’s a bit more powerful than Shemp, the Dell I received as a gift from LRN5, so I put the best parts of both machines together to form New Shemp. He’s up and running now. I’m still deciding whether it will be necessary and/or prudent to reinstall Windows on him. Will probably decide by tomorrow. Thenks for the computer, Ken!

It’s hot here in Lardville! It was about 104 when we got home this afternoon, and is supposed to remain warm for a while. The pool water was at 86, so LRN1, LRN2, and I went in for a very pleasant swim, followed by Costco pizza and diet root beer on the deck. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Next big event: LRN2’s departure for Utah on Wednesday to visit LRN21. We’ll miss you, LRN2!

He’ll get home just a couple of days before Young Women Camp, which ends just a few days before the cruise, which will take us into August. Goodness, how the summer is flying by.

I’ll leave you with some important toilet news: Even the animals are getting into the act.

See you tomorrow.

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