Ferry Building Line

Here’s a San Francisco Bay ferry at work. Photo from last summer courtesy of Loyal Reader Number One.

Greetings from Lancaster! It was a pretty uneventful trip – smooth roads and no traffic. I got up to about 4,000 feet in the Tejon Pass, where the outside temperature went from about 50 to 35 degrees. Fortunately, though, there was no snow. Well, not on the road, anyway. Which was good enough for me. It’s quite a bit colder here than at home right now. The hotel is nice and warm, though.

Speaking of the hotel. I got checked in and left immediately for my sushi dinner. Got back to my room, took off my shoes and socks, and . . . the carpet was wet. Yuck. It turns out it was shampooed a few days ago and hasn’t dried yet. They moved me to another room. It seems to be dry. I consider dry carpeting to be a “must have” feature of a high-class hotel room.

By the way, the sushi was great. And the restaurant’s floor was dry. I believe.

I’m driving a rented Hyundai Santa Fe on this trip. It’s fine, I suppose, but not exciting. Likes: fairly comfortable driver’s seat, good radio display (with 18 XM presets!), nice dashboard lighting, decent ride, all the power accessories needed for comfort, and two (count ’em!) sunglass holders in the headliner. Dislikes: underpowered, too much wind noise, and the multiple sunglass holders push the map lights so far back that you have to hold your map two inches from your nose to get any light on it.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s meeting. It’s one of those ones where I need to pay attention but have nothing to present. Should be a good day.

See you tomorrow.

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