Here’s Loyal Reader Number One preparing for his recital last week. He did a great job. As mentioned before. Lo-fi photo courtesy of the exclusive RAZR-cam.

Bad traffic coming home tonight, for no apparent reason. Horrendous traffic going in this morning, due to rain. I never got rained on, but I drove on a lot of wet roads. Or more correctly put, I idled down a lot of wet roads. Sigh. Should have taken the train.

I’m off to Edwards tomorrow. There’s a meeting on Wednesday. I’m leaving the office mid-day tomorrow and going directly back to the office on Thursday. I’ll miss being home, but plan to drown my sorrows in a nice sushi dinner tomorrow night. And maybe I can get some more CSS tutorials done. And maybe watch those Ernest movies on my iPod. Now there’s a valuable use of time.

I listened to the President’s State of the Union address on the way home tonight. As usual, I agreed with most of it and disagreed with a little. At any rate, it was interesting. I like that President Bush continues to amaze the news idiots by not doing what they think he should do. They just can’t figure out why he won’t take their brilliant advice. I can figure it out, though. And so can all the rest of the normal people.

Anyway. Time for home evening. See you tomorrow, from a remote location.

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