Here are Loyal Readers Numbers One and Three making sure they get what they want for Christmas. World peace again this year, Loyal Readers? How about a nice football instead? Taken at the House of Christmas Lights, of course. Low-fi picture courtesy of the amazing RAZR-cam.

Wonders of Blogger. No time to blog last night. We went to Loyal Reader Number One’s winter piano recital pretty much as soon as I got home, and then watched an old Bob Hope movie called Alias Jesse James. It’s from 1959, which is just on the edge between his earlier good stuff and his later cheesy stuff. Fortunately, this one lands on the good side. The interesting thing is that I had never even heard of this movie before. And I thought I was something of a Bob Hope fan.

LRN1’s piano recital went well, particularly for him. All the performers were obviously talented, or at least skilled. A few weren’t very well prepared, but overall it was an excellent presentation. They had a lot of performers up there, but the whole thing took no more than an hour, so it was solid music, which I like. No long-winded piano teachers between every song telling us how great little Johnny is and how sweet little Susie is. Just music. Not that I mind long-winded piano teachers, of course. Don’t want to offend any long-winded piano-teaching Loyal Readers I might have. Heaven knows I need all the Loyal Readers I can get.

Gotta go help Loyal Readers Numbers Five, Six, and Twelve with their move. See you on Monday.

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