Finished house


Here’s the new Fortress of Solitude.  Great Art taken before we moved in and started ruining it.  Also before winter reared its ugly head and turned a few leaves slightly brown.  Oh, the horrors of winter in the desert.

That’s right, we’re in Las Vegas!  Also, I’ve retired from Lockheed Martin!  Also, LRN2 has moved in with us!  Also, umm . . . nothing else.  But isn’t that enough, Loyal Readers?  Cut me a little slack here.

We’re enjoying our new life, I believe it’s safe to say.  I haven’t missed going to the office every day, although I’m already getting to the point where I’m ready to start actually working again.  I’m excited to be working out of my house.  My commute has shrunk from two hours each way in California to fifteen minutes each way in Pennsylvania to ten seconds each way here.  That’s the direction I like to see it taking!  I guess the only way to shorten it would be to just stay in bed all day, and that might get a bit old after a while.  So I’ll keep walking down the hall to my office.

Been pretty busy getting things in ship-shape shape around here.  So far, I have installed the following:

  • One water softener
  • One garage door opener, with all its appurtenances
  • Five ceiling fans
  • Twelve blinds
  • Three bathroom light fixtures
  • One fish-shaped key hanger

Still to go: a whole bunch of towel racks.  That’ll happen tomorrow.  Also, one more blind, which has to wait until LRN4 finds the time to paint the master bathroom.

Which may be delayed a bit longer than expected.  LRN4 has been feeling pretty sick for a few days now.  Yesterday seems to have been the worst, but she’s nowhere near healed up yet.  Looks like a particularly nasty cold.  Right now, it’s pretty much confined to her throat and her usual splitting headache.  She can’t talk, which has made for a couple of uncomfortably silent days.  I guess I’ll have to start taking up the slack in that department.

Shortly after we got here, we paid a bunch of money to the local rec center to use their exercise room.  The rec centers here are unbelievably nice – they have beautiful new equipment (treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical machines, weight machines, a few free weights, etc.); they run frequent classes, both exercise-related and not; they have a very nice basketball gym; they have very nice racquetball courts; they have various meeting rooms; and they have amazing indoor and outdoor pools.  Unfortunately, our membership pretty much only gets us access to the exercise room, but it was quite reasonably priced and everything else is essentially as cheap as free.  For example, the indoor pool is a buck to use and the outdoor pool (open only during the summer) is two bucks.  Racquetball and basketball are similarly priced.  Not too shabby.  We’re going over there weekday mornings in our continuing effort to shrink the gut and grow the muscles.

Not much newly-purchased from Amazon lately.  Did I mention this cool [amazon asin=B000NZ5QG0&text=tool set] I bought myself for Christmas?  Perfect for working on computers and other electronics.

Much more going on, but it’s time for dinner.  I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: frozen sauerkraut chaos!

See you tomorrow.

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