Halifax visit


Here’s LRN4 enjoying the beauties of Halifax, Nova Scotia.  It was a perfect early fall day, we had a great tour, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Those Canadians really know how to have fun.  Great Art taken last September with the exclusive iPhone-cam and part of my famous Vacation and Cruise series.

Progress!  At least on the business front, anyway.  I am now the proud owner of Business Casual Software LLC, a Nevada corporation.  To celebrate, I created a Facebook Page, which already has three fans, not including myself.  So I guess it actually has four fans.  Because I’m its biggest fan.  Definitely its biggest fan.  So far, LRN3 is my only Loyal Reader who also likes my business page, but I’m hoping to boost that number by a bit.

Now that I know how to do it, I’m planning to create a page for LRN4’s blog.  Maybe I’ll work a deal with her: I’ll like her page if she likes mine.  I think she just might go for it.  One thing I can guarantee – she’ll have a whole lot more likes on her page immediately than I’m getting on mine.

Spent some time last night learning Visual Studio 2005, which is the version required for some work I’m contemplating doing.  I’ve pretty much kept my development work up till now in the Mac/Linux/Unix/embedded processor domains, so there’s a bit of a learning curve with Windows.  Luckily, the concepts pretty much all translate from one system to another, so I expect I’ll pick it up well enough to become dangerous within a very short time.  The development environment seems pretty impressive so far, and I have a good book to guide me, so I’m optimistic.

Also spent a little time corresponding with one of the users of my Morse Trainer app.  I’m delighted to report that I have about 2,000 downloads of that app in the past six months.  Of course, I expect to beat that handily with other work in the near future, but that’s not too shabby for my second app.  My arm is now just a little bit sore from all this patting myself on the back.  What a guy!

Speaking of soreness, LRN4 continues to be pretty sick.  It still appears that she has nothing more serious than cold symptoms, but it’s settled in her throat and ears, causing quite a bit of discomfort and a practically nonexistent voice.  I miss being able to talk with her!  It’s been eerily quiet around the New Fortress of Solitude.  A bit too much solitude, even for me.  Get well soon, LRN4!

We’re going to the Springs Preserve tomorrow to see the raptor show.  Should be good fun and the weather looks to be somewhat cool (maybe mid-40’s to 50 during the hours we expect to be there) but sunny.  I’m excited to see the place.

And it’s time to retire for the evening.  I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife Employment Agency job opportunity: fake escaping rhino!

See you on Monday.

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