Fire plug

Here’s a candid shot from LRN1’s Eagle Scout project a few years back. With all the Eagle stuff we’ve been doing, it seems appropriate to look back. That thing looks pretty nice there, no? Although perhaps just a little difficult to see. Featuring an appearance by a much younger LRN2.

More Short Shrift today. I had to go to Tracy to issue a Young Women camp calling. That may have been the last one for this year.

Not much else to discuss. Good day at work. I only have one more to go before YW camp, so I ought to be busy tomorrow.

No posts next week. There’s not even an cell phone signal up there. I’ll try to remember to leave a Loyal Reader link for you to leave scintillating comments.

I’m hoping to post at least a few times during the cruise that starts the following week. There ought to actually be some decent Great Art too.

Today’s food violence news: There’s nothing lower than a bologna thief. This guy’s picture looks just like your typical lunchmeat felon, doesn’t it?

See you tomorrow.

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