Hood ornament

Here’s the radiator cap from a Model T depot hack. Great Art taken at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan. It was a beautiful truck, and beautifully restored.

More Extreme Short Shrift. No excuse tonight, except that LRN1 and I replaced the battery on LRN4’s trusty old iPod Mini tonight. It came in the mail and seemed like the thing to do. The replacement went relatively smoothly and seems to work perfectly. Huzzah!

Anyway. The work week is over and the YW Camp vacation has begun. I feel better already. All I have left to do is to write a Spanish-language talk for Sunday, write another talk for Wednesday morning, write another talk for the following Sunday, help at an Eagle project tomorrow, get the trailer, fix the trailer hitch, pack up, and go to camp. Should be easy.

Oh, and I really ought to clean the pool and pond filters. Plus, there’s plenty of MARV work to be done. That Navigation system won’t write itself. Plus, the Guidance and Autopilot systems need to be designed.

Let’s end with yet more food violence news: Sauce and pickle attack!

See you tomorrow.

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