Happy vacationers

Here are (a much younger) LRN1 and LRN16 having a great day at the Detroit Zoo, a few years ago. Looks like fun. We need to get together more often.

Pretty good day, not to mention a busy one. Got the pool and pond filters cleaned – badly needed. Also went to Costco with LRN4 to buy a couple of chairs, which we put in the loft where the computer desk had been, which we put in the loft where the bookcase had been, which we put in the game/sewing/exercise/server room. Spent quite a long time getting the massive clump of wires under the computer desk arranged. It looks much neater now. The room looks good too, and there are now more comfortable places to sit.

Didn’t write any talks yet. I need to get that done tomorrow – at least the first one, anyway. It’s still not clear whether I’ll have time to work on the future talks at YW camp. I’m starting to believe in the affirmative. I just need to take my scriptures, a few talks, and something to write on and with. And my hammock. Of course.

We also spent about four hours helping with the Eagle project. Made good progress. They were hoping to be done today, but they’ll need to finish up tomorrow. We can’t make it again, but we do wish them well.

Situation otherwise normal. Looking forward to a good night’s sleep and a great weekend.

There’s some shocking toilet news today. Remember: guns and toilets don’t mix. Reminds me of my former coworker in Virginia. She told me one day that she had dropped three cell phones in toilets. I can see that happening once – accidents will happen, after all. Maybe even twice, after you’re lulled into a false sense of security believing it couldn’t happen again. But three times? That’s just excessive.

See you a week from Monday. Wish me luck at camp! Leave some messages on my Very Special Camp Thread!

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