Flimsy dock

Here’s our ship at the Haines dock. Looks a little rickety from this angle, doesn’t it?

Extreme Short Shrift. LRN4 went out to dinner with a few friends this evening, so I was busy with LRN12 until just a few moments ago, which coincided (oddly) with LRN4’s return. It’s late and I’m sleepy, so this won’t take long.

I’m excited to report, though, that Apple appears to have finally gotten their act together and addressed the very serious issues caused by the iPhone OS 3.1 update several weeks ago. My phone has been behaving terribly, with very frequent freezes (coma mode, they’re calling it) and network shutdowns. I’ve been very disappointed with it, and it was made worse by Apple’s stonewalling and refusing to acknowledge the mess they’ve made of so many people’s phones. Not good for customer relations, Apple. The update is installing as I write this. Hopes are running high.

I’ll leave you with today’s food violence news: Just take the fries.

See you tomorrow.

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