Here’s Loyal Pet Number Two, AKA Fluffy. She’s a little bit fuzzy there – she kept moving all the time and I didn’t want to spook her by using the flash. Not a great introduction to the new camera. Great pet, though. See the milkiness in the eyes there? We think she might be getting ready to shed.

It’s wonders of Blogger time again. I spent the entire afternoon and evening with Loyal Reader Number Six, working on installing Loyal Reader Number Four’s new water softener. It’s still not actually installed yet, but we made a lot of progress. We want to have absolutely everything ready to go before we shut off the water to the house and solder the water softener in. Sometime today.

Unfortunately, Loyal Reader Number Twelve was up most of the night last night, so we’re watching her now (she’s currently sleeping peacefully) and Loyal Readers Numbers Five and Six are getting some badly-needed shuteye. The water softener will have to wait a little longer.

Today (actually tomorrow, if you believe the date of this post) is the Firefly marathon. We’re a little more than an hour into it. It’s an entertaining series so far. We have five non-Loyal-Reader friends over watching with us. Pretty much everybody in the show has double-crossed everybody else at least once. It’s an entertaining cross between a space movie and a cowboy movie. One of the most interesting things is that the main characters keep getting shot, and we’re still in the first show of the series. I have no idea how they’ll get through even a single season. It certainly keeps you on the edge of your seat.

More on Wednesday evening. See you then.

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