Here’s this year’s Christmas loot, shortly before we dug into it. Too much stuff, but we enjoyed giving and receiving it. The new camera is somewhere in that pile there, so this one was taken with the old one.

Well, it was another fine day at home. I started out making my day-after-Thanksgiving-trademark turkey omelettes for the family and a few of the boys’ friends, who were here for the long-planned Firefly marathon.

As I type this, it’s just about 10:00 PM and the marathon is still going strong. It was scheduled to start at 8:00 but was about half an hour late. There were breaks for lunch and dinner, but non-stop TV otherwise. I stayed for the series pilot and another show or two, but I had Big Things that had to get done, so I did them.

You may wonder what big things I had to do. So did I. It turns out Loyal Reader Number Six and I needed to finish installing the water softener that we got a good start on yesterday. It was rough – one of the solder joints leaked and took forever to get right – but it’s done and it works! Now we can quit destroying all our faucets, the showers, and the washing machine with that nasty old hard water. Many thanks to LRN6 for his invaluable help. The major byproduct of the exercise is that I now feel confident in my pipe soldering abilities.

By the way, we had the turkey omelettes today because we were out of town for Thanksgiving and couldn’t do them then, and we had a great day-after-Christmas turkey dinner last night. Hence, turkey omelettes today.

So that was my day. A few omelettes, a couple of Firefly shows, and a water softener installation. Tomorrow’s our wedding anniversary (28 years!), so there ought to be a little less work and a little more celebration.

See you then.

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