Ford’s Quad

Here’s Henry Ford’s first personal car – the Quadricycle. As with Hank’s other personal cars, this one is black and basic. Pretty nice upholstery, though. And check out that sleigh in the background. Black, of course. The guy was monotonous.

Anyway. I like the bell on the front of the Quad. I want one on my car. That would get people’s attention.

It’s a quiet day around here. Loyal Reader Number Four is at girls’ camp, and we’re on our own. Loyal Reader Number One made a delicious dinner and we had a pleasant home evening. After Blog Time, we might even get a little dessert. Then it’s off to bed.

The Loyal Readers and I are planning one little bit of excitement – we’re going camping Friday night. I have to work that day, so it won’t be a long campout, but we’ll enjoy sitting around the trailer with our books, knives, or whatever; we’ll have a campfire if we can find some firewood; and we’ll play some Kubb.

By the way, there are an amazing number of Kubb websites out there. A few of them spell it “Koob,” but I think they’re just phoneticizing the word for the semi-literate lawn sports (link warning: I got a 70%) lovers out there. We’ll stick with “Kubb” here on Morrowlife.

Anyway. We might go out for breakfast on Saturday morning too. No need to be primitive, after all.

LRN1 is heading for college four weeks from today. Things are going to change around here.

Let’s see, what happened this weekend? We picked up the Loyal Readers on Saturday morning, of course. Their flight appears to have gone well, they had a great time with Loyal Readers Numbers Three and Fifteen, and it’s nice to have them home. We stopped and visited Loyal Readers Numbers Five, Six, and Twelve on the way home. They’re doing fine. LRN5 claimed that LRN12 had been a twerp all morning, but she was as good as gold when we were there. All smiles. I suspect she’s not capable of naughtiness, but her parents may have a different opinion.

I’m hungry for dessert. See you tomorrow.

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