I’m heading back to Luxembourg in three days so, in honor of that, here’s another picture from there. It’s a detail from one of the numerous fountains in Trier. Sadly, the water isn’t running this time of year, so the little guys with pipes in their mouths look a little strange. Still, it’s a cool fountain.

I spent eleven hours at work today and never got to anything on my to-do list. I’m hoping to keep it down to five or so hours the next couple of days, but I have my doubts. On a launch campaign, there are always an infinite number of things that need doing. For example, I fixed a golf cart yesterday. It was broken, we needed it, and all the techs were (or at least should have been) busy testing the spacecraft, so I volunteered. I enjoyed doing it and we now have a working golf cart. I guess I probably should been engineering this or integrating that, but the team needed the cart. Something else is bound to come up tomorrow and every day thereafter. I guess that’s part of the excitement of the campaign.

It was very warm and another beautiful day today. When I spoke with the family, I learned that they’ve been having warm, nice weather today too, so I can’t lord it over them today. Too bad. Maybe it will be great here and terrible there tomorrow. We can only hope not.

Today’s fitcheck went very well, and we’re moving full-steam ahead with spacecraft testing tomorrow morning.

I was able to change my lodging reservations to add a few days at the beginning of my next trip here, so I won’t have to move right in the middle of things next time. I don’t want to come back earlier, but I’m needed, so I’ll come. Sadly, my stay at home between trips will only last ten days. The good news is that it looks like I’ll be able to take a couple of comp days during that time, maximizing my (and even possibly my family’s) enjoyment.

Monk (link warning – sound!) was pretty good tonight, no? There were a few little obvious moments there, and I’m not really crazy about Randy’s band, but I still enjoyed it. However, I’m afraid to go to the dentist now, of course. Right now, I’m watching the end of Pillow Talk, with Rock Hudson and Doris Day on TCM. Very amusing. Interestingly, Doris Day’s character is named Jan Morrow. A long-lost relative!

Had dinner with three co-workers tonight at the Durango Steakhouse, the finest restaurant in Beautiful Titusville, Florida. Roy mentioned that if it was just a little bit better, it would be absolutely average.

It’s late, the movie is over now, my laptop’s battery is nearly dead, and I’m going to bed. Gotta get up early again tomorrow. I continue to wish a speedy recovery to Reader Number One. G’night, mate!

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