Here’s the view from my balcony window this morning. Nice. It was a gorgeous day today – quite a bit warmer than yesterday, but still dry and pleasant.

The downside was that I worked like a dog and didn’t get to enjoy the beautiful day. It was a twelve-hour day, and we didn’t even really have any integrated activities. I went up to the Atlas Vertical Integration Facility with a few other guys. The rocket looks just fine. We’re scheduled to do our fitcheck bright and early in the morning and then we can get down to testing the spacecraft.

A few of us were planning to go to a restaurant called Thai Thai, which occupies the building where Daniel’s Motorcycle Cafe used to be. I never really like Daniel’s much. Some of the other guys were crazy about it, though, so I went there several times. They sold “gourmet” pizzas, none of which ever appealed to me, and one entree a day, which was sometimes okay. Anyway, Thai Thai was really good. They had sushi, which, strangely, I didn’t have. I had a bowl of miso soup and something called “Thai Thai Chicken.” It’s really hard to describe, so let’s just say it was delicious. I’ll be back, and I’ll be trying the sushi next time.

The only downside of Thai Thai is that it appears to be pretty trendy. That goes against the grain, but at least it’s not pretentious.

Well, I’ve only been home for an hour or so and I already need to go to bed, so it’s time to quit. Maybe I’ll get home before dark tomorrow. Hope springs eternal!

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