Frog dance

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two performing some sort of strange ritualistic dance on a frog. Very scary. Taken at the Detroit Zoo. Part of my statue series.

What a beautiful Friday! It was a work day, and there was plenty of it for me to do, but things are going great.

There was a moderate amount of interest in yesterday’s controversy. Inputs appear to be unanimous in favor of the correct (Over) toilet paper orientation, which impels me to ask the obvious question: who is putting all those toilet paper rolls in the Under position?

I did notice that Loyal Reader Number Sixteen’s toilet paper was Under during our recent visit there. We had such a nice time that I was reluctant to point out this obvious problem, but I did notice it.

Who else is suffering under this odious burden?

This is the last post before the Happiest Day of the Year! That’s right, my birthday is on Sunday. Extravagant gifts are still being accepted. Not to worry, though. If I don’t get any extravagant gifts, I’ll just buy some of my own.

The trouble is that I’m having a hard time thinking of things to put on my wish list. I always just buy everything I want, so it’s pretty tough to come up with a gift. Suggestions are welcome.

Oh, and don’t worry about it if you miss the Happiest Day of the Year. The Second Happiest Day of the Year is the following Sunday – Father’s Day! What a great month.

Today’s controversy: Super-convenient foods. Dumb? Or just stupid? Would you buy a pre-dunked Oreo?

Speaking of which, is this is as lazy as it gets? Or is there something even lazier?

See you Monday.

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