Ford’s ’42

Here’s a truly rare car, for two reasons. First, it’s a 1942 Ford, of which there weren’t all that many made, since war production started shortly after the 1942 model year began. Second, this happens to be another one of Henry Ford’s personal cars. In fact, I believe it was his last personal car. Still can’t accuse him of extravagance. I guess he still liked any color, as long as it was black. Like his Model T, this one has various non-production features, including a holder in the back seat for a large bottle of water. Picture taken in the garage at Fairlane.

Short Shrift tonight. Home Evening is over and it’s already time for bed.

Spent part of the weekend thinking about new Arduino/electronics projects. Here’s what’s currently on the drawing board (or at least in the thinking cap):

  • Finish my Arduino-controlled light-seeking mouse
  • Get my unused USB print server to work as an Ethernet interface to the Arduino
  • Get my new LCD display to work with the Arduino (Morrowlife comment counter and/or displayer?)
  • Make a nice box for my new LCD display
  • Get Loyal Reader Number One’s tiny video-camera-on-a-board working

Lots to do.

Great weekend, by the way. It was nonstop Happiest Day of the Year celebration. It was for me, anyway. I received several lovely gifts, including the above-mentioned LCD screen, a couple of beautiful ties, a great Hawaiian shirt, a new camp chair, and a cool case for my iPod. Also a little money, all of which will probably be spent at Sparkfun. Which is where the LCD came from.

The other side effect of the Happiest Day was that I got to talk to my mom and both of my brothers on the phone. They’re all doing fine – thanks for asking. Although one of the brothers was on his way to get a towed-away rental car back and the other one was waiting for one side of a downed power wire to be removed from his car and the other side to stop burning up his lawn.

Otherwise, everyone is fine.

No time for controversy today, except to say that Loyal Reader Number Three has very aptly answered Loyal Reader Number Four’s concerns on the unequivocal results of my informal survey. Thanks very much, LRN3.

Time for bed. See you tomorrow.

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