Bear head

Here’s a bear head. Taken at the Detroit Zoo, which has quite a nice polar bear exhibit. Which is appropriate, given that polar bears are quite at home there for much of the year. Part of my famous Statue series. (Note: picture publishing is not working. Again. Doggone Blogger. Come back Real Soon Now and look at the cool picture as soon as they fix their doggone system.)

Beautiful, sunny day today. It was warm too. Quite warm, in fact. It’s supposed to be in the 90’s for the next week or so, except for Friday, when it will be in the hundreds. The pool’s nice and warm.

Went to the first day of a three-day class on cost account management. Valuable stuff for my current job, and possibly useful for the future software business too. Although I hope to never get big enough to require cost account management. Or badges. If we make badges it will be strictly for grins. Not that there’s too much fun in making badges, but you never know.

Anyway, this is two weeks of training in a row. Too much.

Speaking of the business, we’re not really getting anywhere right now. I’ve been concentrating on my little electronics projects, which haven’t had a place in the Business Plan. Not that there’s one of those. I hope we never need that either. Anyway, maybe those projects will turn out to be useful too. I hope so. In the meantime, Loyal Reader Number Three reports that he’s starting to work on something to run on the PC/Xbox platform. Good luck, LRN3!

Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two did a little bit of canoeing tonight at Young Men. They’re preparing for the High Adventure trip next week. They went to Dos Reis, which is where we’ve decided to camp this Thursday through Saturday. Which we’re looking forward to. Need to find some horseshoes, since that’s about all they have to do there, other than hang out in the trailer and walk around the loop.

Anyway. Today’s controversy: Should the Prince have paid the interest? I say no. He’s technically not the one to run up the debt, so he doesn’t technically owe it. But it was a nice gesture anyway.

See you tomorrow.

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