Poor fighters

Here’s the reason the South lost the Civil War. They marched too close to each other. Who can fight when you can’t even get your arms up? Picture taken at Greenfield Village during the annual Civil War reenactment.

Well. I finally got yesterday’s post up. Today. Lousy Blogger. Sorry to all my enraged Loyal Readers. Your evening was ruined, I know.

The family went to the annual ward summer picnic in the park tonight. Loyal Reader Number Four made a delicious pasta salad with chicken and mandarin oranges. Quite tasty. It was nice to visit with friends, as always.

I’m just about finished with my cost account management class. Tomorrow is the final exam, for which there are four hours budgeted. Yikes. I think I need to spend a little time studying tonight.

Today’s Morrowlife controversy: should we be developing this extreme weapon? My vote: definitely. I’d like to see it used against those kids who can’t keep their pants up. Wait a minute – maybe I wouldn’t like to see that after all. Let’s pick a different group. Any suggestions?

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