Swimming bear

Here’s a polar bear at the Detroit Zoo. As mentioned a couple days ago, these guys absolutely love it in Detroit. Can’t imagine why.

Went swimming this evening. Well, to be absolutely technically correct, the Loyal Readers went swimming and I went wading. Then we all went jacuzzifying. Swimming tomorrow for me, when it’s over a hundred degrees. Saturday too, for the same reasons.

We ended up not going camping this weekend. We just felt too pressured to spend the weekend away. Plus, it’s going to be outrageously hot. So we’re staying home and swimming.

We also have to go to Office Depot. It’s a brand-new store and we got some coupons for free stuff. Gotta use ’em. And Father’s Day is as good a time as any, no?

No new controversy today. I’m still hoping to hear from additional Loyal Readers on appropriate uses for the Brown Ray. Thanks to Loyal Reader Number Four for her humane suggestion.

Off Friday tomorrow. See you then.

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