Feeding time

Here are a few giraffes grabbing a quick snack at the Detroit Zoo. The general public can feed them there, which may be fun. I don’t know, though.

Off Friday today. We got a few things done, including fixing the leaf blower, cleaning off the workbench, buying stuff at Office Max (incorrectly reported yesterday as Office Depot), checking out Loyal Reader Number One’s video-camera-on-a-board, and swimming. Also lots of relaxation. Oh, and I worked for a couple of hours too.

Tomorrow’s list is equally long. I want to wash the Miata, design and breadboard the digital mousebot, and . . . umm . . . a few other things. Swim, certainly. It’s been hot and the pool feels good right now.

Anyway. No controversy again today. Look for something really big on Monday. See you then.

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