Here’s a big barrel full of the stuff we use a lot of here in Lardville. Photographed in the WWII “homefront” exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum. I have no idea why they needed to collect lard, but apparently the uses were practically endless. Lardville must have been quite the popular town back then.

Great weekend, it being the Second Happiest Day of the Year and all. Several Loyal Readers were here, and I spoke to various others on the phone. What a great day.

Saturday was fine too. We swam again – the pool was a couple degrees warmer than Friday. Just a little chill when you first jumped in and then perfectly comfortable. Did just a little bit of work on things around the house and then spent a whole lot of time working on my digital mousebot. Not much joy there. I can’t seem to get a reliable signal out of the IR emitters/sensors. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but the output doesn’t appear to be a function of how much light is hitting the sensors, which kind of negates the whole purpose of the thing. The odd thing is that they worked okay in analog mode. Maybe I need to experiment with the voltages. Yeah, that’s the ticket. In the meantime, the project is in its box back in the garage.

Speaking of the garage, the Honda finally went to the dealer this morning for its new transmission. Cross your fingers, Loyal Readers. I feel like a member of the family is in for a heart transplant. Except the heart would be more like the engine. Maybe it’s in for a liver transplant. Or maybe its lungs. Opinions?

In any case, it’s supposed to be ready on Wednesday afternoon, and I’m anxious.

Another question: is it appropriate to pray for your car’s well-being? I’m saying yes, based on Alma 34:24-25.

Controversy of the day: Should we ask for it back? I say yes.

Lame controversy, I know. Maybe a better one tomorrow. See you then.

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