Mauled reader

Here’s the followup to that bear statue picture the other day. Loyal Reader Number Two looks to be in pretty bad straits. Don’t worry, Loyal Readers – we eventually got him out of there. Part of my statue series.

Tough night on the train. The train ahead of us hit somebody and had to stop for the police and ambulance response, of course. Then there was all the paperwork. We’re running over an hour late so far. The good news is that we’re moving again. Sigh.

Otherwise a good day. The heat appears to have broken, at least in the South Bay. Loyal Reader Number Four told me it was still pretty warm at home, which is how I like it.

No news from the Honda dealer. I’m as nervous as a cat. I’m supposed to get it back tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed, Loyal Readers.

Speaking of which, how nervous are cats? They’ve always seemed like quite sensible animals to me.

Yesterday’s controversy appears to have generated some vigorous debate. About as vigorous as it gets around here, anyway. Some think we should get the tank back. Not to mention washing it for us. The reason being that they were the ones to get it all dirty by burying it. Others think we ought to leave it there, what with the environmental cleanup involved.

I’m still searching for some middle ground. Maybe we should demand it back and then refuse to accept it when it gets here. We don’t want to get too obnoxious, though. They might ask for their statue back.

Today’s controversy: Political news. And more political news. Controversial question: which is more pathetic?

See you tomorrow.

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