Tinsmith’s bench

Here’s the tinsmith’s workbench at Greenfield Village. This may have been the subject of a blog picture before, but at least it’s a new picture. Great Art can get to be repetitive. Great Art can get to be repetitive. Part of my famous Workbench series.

Sad news – the person hit by the train yesterday did not survive. They’re saying it was an emotionally or possibly mentally disturbed person. Very sad.

We’re off on the canoeing trip tomorrow. Wish us luck! Or at least safety. Or something. Fortunately, we don’t leave until mid-day, so we can spend the morning getting ready. Since we don’t appear to have made any efforts to get ready up to this point.

Today’s controversy: should this guy have done the beer commercial? I say probably not. Bad for the image as an LDS actor. On the other hand, I wonder if his image was permanently damaged by The Singles Second Ward anyway. No additional harm done, no?

No post tomorrow or Friday. We’ll be on the island. Sorry about the shock to the collective system, but I’ll make up for it with plenty of interesting discussion on Monday.

See you then.

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