Odd Buddha

Here’s a very strange Buddha. I don’t exactly remember where it came from – probably a restaurant, based on its surroundings. Part of my famous Statue series. Courtesy of my junky famous RAZR cam.

Well, we’re back from The Island. Had a great time. The boys had fun in the canoes, in spite of the weather, which had a part in the group declaring victory a little prematurely. Loyal Reader Number Four and I had a good time doing the logistics and everyone went home tired and happy.

Back to work today – it was busy, busy, busy. Which is good.

Our friends the Smiths have invited LRN4 and I to go on a cruise with them later this year. They’re going to the Mexican RivieraAcapulco, Puerto Vallarta, and a couple of points in between. The cruise leaves from San Diego and takes nine days. I’m tempted. We need to decide in a day or two, as they’ll be buying their tickets this week. The price certainly seems favorable right now. Maybe it’s another casualty of the gas-crunched travel industry. And every other industry, come to think of it.

No controversy today. That beer commercial one really took it out of me. I’ll try again tomorrow.

No time for any more. See you tomorrow.

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