Fuzzy reader

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve feeling pretty happy. Fuzzy but very cute photo courtesy of Loyal Reader Number Five.

Short Shrift yet again tonight. We had a nice long Home Evening and it’s past time for bed. Good lesson (Moses), good activity (Perudo), and good treat (freshly-baked banana cake). Also good music (Book of Mormon Stories and something else I chose but can’t remember).

Work is back to normal. I’m hideously behind on my emails, so I’ve decided I absolutely MUST ride the train and start catching back up. Starting tomorrow. I have to bring donuts to work on Wednesday, so I can’t really ride the train that day, but I can on Thursday.

I’m still trying to decide whether to start driving the Honda again or not. I’ll probably end up doing it for a little while. Loyal Reader Number Four is enjoying it, but it’s hard to fit Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two in there with her. Also, the allowed mileage is not quite large enough for her. I can leave it at the station all day, but can’t drive it to work more than one or two days a week. However, with the availability of the train and the Miata, I could handle that now.

Time for bed. See you tomorrow.

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