Governor’s pixie

Here’s another in my famous statue series – the Governor’s pixie. It’s also another in my budding Governor series, so I guess that’s a two-for-one. Now if I could just find a way to get a bird in there too. Great subject, questionable focus.

No post on Friday. It turned out the Loyal Brother-in-law didn’t have wifi. He switched to internet-on-power-lines a while ago, but there was nowhere for me to hook up. So, no post. Sorry about that, Anon.

The wedding was nice. It was definitely aimed at the twenty-something bride and groom, rather than their middle-aged relatives (nonstop loud, obnoxious music for a large percentage of the time), but that’s the way it ought to have been, I suppose. We visited with a lot of relatives, and even if there hadn’t been a wedding, it would have been worth the trip to visit with Loyal Readers Numbers Three and Fifteen.

They’re doing great, by the way. Thanks for asking.

The trips took just about exactly eight hours each way. We took Highway 99 on the outbound leg. It goes through numerous populated areas, with the attendant traffic, which we didn’t enjoy. So we came home on Interstate 5 and enjoyed the peace and quiet of traveling through miles and miles of blossoming orchards and green, velvet-like rolling hills. And no towns. Huge difference.

Got some rain on both legs. Worse on the way down there. In fact, I was worried about it turning to snow on the Tehachapi pass. The temperature got down below 40 and there was some slush on the road, but that’s as bad as it got. Wedding day was warm and sunny – until, that is, time for the actual wedding ceremony, which took place outdoors. It turned cold, cloudy, and windy about half an hour before. The rain held off for a couple more hours, though, and everything went well. Except that the bride and bridesmaids weren’t exactly prepared for cold weather. Poor them.

Otherwise, no problems. I rode the train today and didn’t feel too crowded. Tomorrow’s likely to be a Miata day – it’s going to be warm and mostly sunny every day this week, with no rain on the 10-day forecast. Spring is definitely here – lots of trees are blossoming, the grass is greening up, and leaves are popping out everywhere. Ahhh.

Time for bed. See you tomorrow.

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