Tokyo pond

Here’s another entry in my famous Pond series. This one is in Tokyo. Taken with my original lousy Sipix digital camera. Strangely, they don’t make it anymore.

I think I may have mentioned before that that camera is so bad it has a chance of becoming immensely popular. Don’t laugh. It’s happened before. As in this example.

Which brings an idea to mind. Somebody needs to produce a Photoshop/Gimp plugin giving the “Holga effect” to a photo. Shouldn’t be too hard.

Which brings another thought to mind. Have a look at some of the Holga photo galleries. These people do some pretty amazing work with quite primitive tools. Great Art doesn’t require expensive cameras, does it? Except mine, of course.

No post yesterday – sorry about that. The Loyal Mom was spending her last evening with us and we were busy.

Speaking of the Croc Hunter movie, I really like it. It got some bad reviews back in the day, but I think they generally missed the point. It’s just about goofy fun. Recommended.

We’re off to Las Vegas tomorrow! Maybe. Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two are still quite sick and we’re not sure whether it’s a good idea to leave them home. We’re going to make a decision tomorrow morning.

I took LRN2 to the doctor‘s office this evening while Loyal Reader Number four was taking the LM to the airport. He appears to have an ear infection. He has antibiotics now, so there’s hope for a quick recovery. LRN1 also went to the doctor today, but he only got a throat swab, so we have to wait for the results before he goes on the amoxycillin. If he needs it. Which I’m guessing he does.

Anyway. Should we both go? Should LRN4 go by herself (she’s not excited about making the long drive alone, but the wedding is on her side of the family, so she should be the one there)? Should I go by myself (I have no trouble with the drive and would love to be there and to see Loyal Readers Numbers Three and Fifteen along with many others, but I’m second priority)? Should we skip the whole thing? Only time will tell.

We really enjoyed the LM‘s visit and are sorry to see her go. It was just a really comfortable thing to have her here.

I started reading Simply Einstein: Relativity Demystified at the doctor’s office. I’m only a couple of pages into it, so it’s a little early for a review or even a preview, but I’m cautiously optimistic. Could be very interesting. I’ll let you know more later.

Better get to bed. I (possibly) have a long drive ahead of me tomorrow. Friday post doubtful, but I’ll try to use the Wonders of Blogger on Saturday morning. See you then.

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