Governor’s A/C

Here’s the governor’s air conditioner. This is claimed to be the third commercial air conditioning unit ever manufactured – serial number three. And it still works. If true, that would be really cool. If false, it’s still really cool, since it still works. Although it blows a circuit breaker every five minutes. I guess the governor could afford to have one of his lackeys stand by and push the button all day. That sign on top says “DO NOT TOUCH.” I didn’t touch.

Slightly fuzzy picture due to the fact that they didn’t allow flash. Sorry about that, but I needed to record this important event for posterity. Well, this important machine, anyway.

Extremely Short Shrift tonight. It’s late. So, here goes.

Got up.

Rode the train to work (rain predicted).

Worked (like a dog).

Rode the train home (rain prediction came true).

Got home.

Ate dinner (soup and homemade bread – very good).

Went to Tuesday night meeting.

Got home.

Ate a bowl of ice cream (moose tracks).


Went to bed (currently only a prediction).

See you tomorrow.

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