Governor’s toilet

Here’s the California Governor’s toilet. At least it used to be, for former governors. The Governator uses other facilities.

Took the day off today. Loyal Readers Numbers Four, Five, and Twelve, the Loyal Mom, and I went to Sacramento and took a tour through the old Governor’s Mansion. It’s a very old building and was in use until shortly after Ronald Reagan became governor. He lived there for three months. The building is beautiful and the tour was very interesting. We even saw the governor’s toilet (see above). The only downside was that the building is being renovated and the entire structure was covered with scaffolding and draped with some kind of protective cloth. It didn’t effect the inside, though.

The day was otherwise quiet. I’ve been spending a lot of time the last few days moving my web server over to Moe, which is now running Ubuntu Server. Its clock speed is less than one fourth as fast as Larry but I think it serves pages way faster now. Ubuntu Server has no GUI, and that has to make a speed difference. The plan is to get everything hosted there, install Ubuntu Server on Larry, move all the sites back to Larry, and install FreeNAS on Moe. We’ll see how long that takes. In the meantime, Morrowlife, Spinfo, and the HRVA are up and running (speedily) on Moe. Do any of my Loyal Readers see a speed difference?

Otherwise, the weekend was busy but undistinguished. We hung around and enjoyed it. Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two went “to the snow” today. I asked the Loyal Mom if she wanted to go, but she declined and said something about getting plenty of snow starting on Thursday. I don’t know what she’s talking about.

It’s supposed to rain the next few days, so I’ll be on the train. In fact, I’m way late for bed, so I’m outta here. See you tomorrow.

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