Governor’s statue

Here’s yet another in my famous statue series. This is one of my weaker entries. Still, I believe the Loyal Reader will have to admit that it’s old and nasty-looking enough to qualify as Great Art. Found at the Governor’s Mansion, of course.

I’ve been busy working on the computers again. Or still, depending on your point of view. Last night, I finally got the Mongrel cluster working properly on Waterlogged. So we’re at last ready to convert Larry to the web server. To that end, I moved all its files over to Curly last night and took Larry apart this evening. I removed the 100GB drive, which I’m planning to put into Moe when it becomes the sole web server, and moved Larry into the game room to live next to Moe. Right now, I’m running SpinRite on Larry’s 80GB drive in preparation for installation of Ubuntu Server. It’s been finding errors (makes sense – I got that drive from my non-Loyal-Reader brother-in-law Ken after it died in his machine and we replaced it, but it’s been successfully serving files in Larry for quite some time), so SpinRite will probably take some time to finish. The worst case is that the boot sector is unrecoverable, so we’ll have to put it back to work as a data drive only. I’m hoping it survives – 80GB seems like a pretty good size to serve my four websites and I’d like to reserve my larger disks for Moe to serve files to the network.

Anyway. Drove the Miata in open-air mode on the way home tonight. I arrived slightly chilly but not uncomfortable. The heater was on but the windows remained down. Morning was a different story – it was about 36 degrees when I left. The top stayed up. It was beautiful all day today, by the way, and it’s going to be nice for next few days. They’re predicting sunshine and temperatures in the high 60s/low 70s.

It’s already late due to Home Evening-related activities, so I’m off to bed. See you tomorrow.

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