Grabbing a bite

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve grabbing a quick bite. I would have guessed the photo was courtesy of Loyal Reader Number Five (and indeed it was sent to me by her), but if that’s the case, whose hand is featured prominently holding the apple? Hmmm? The world may never know. Let’s just say it’s the Mystery Photographer. Or maybe Loyal Reader Number Six.

I’m off work for ten days! Tomorrow’s Big Screen Construction Day (note: Loyal Reader Number Twenty appears to have taken me a bit too literally – I wish it was a gigantic movie screen in a way but, alas, it is more of a big wall), Saturday’s Everything Else day, Sunday’s Church Day, and then we’re off to Arizona! We still have no idea whether the boys are coming with us, though. We’ll try finding out tomorrow. The Boy Scouts need to make up their minds. And tell the rest of us about it.

I’m still working on my software company’s Great Idea. One of my coworkers suggested a rather elementary game called Critical Mass. You have a three-by-three grid and players take turns putting tokens on the spaces. A player can only put tokens on empty spaces or spaces he already controls. When a space has the same number of tokens as it has adjacent spaces, it “explodes” and its tokens move to all the adjacent spaces, taking control of spaces it doesn’t already own. If that explosion causes any of the adjacent spaces to explode, they do. The game is over when the board reaches “critical mass,” meaning that the explosions continue infinitely. It’s pretty simplistic – more of a programming beginner’s program than something really sellable. On the other hand, I’m thinking open-source iPhone application. Or maybe even open-source iPod game. What do the Loyal Readers think?

See you tomorrow.

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