Mistaken identity

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve engaging in a case of mistaken identity. Photo courtesy of Loyal Reader Number Five.

Ultra short shrift today. I worked until 9:00 tonight, meaning I got home a little after ten. No time to do anything but grab a quick dinner and go to bed. And blog for a couple of minutes.

Nice to hear from Loyal Reader Number Seven. That’s a lot of new computers all at once! What kind of machine did you get?

I had an idea for a slight refinement of the blimp video game concept. There could be three versions – Blimp Pilot for realism lovers, Blimp Racer for aerosports lovers, and Combat Blimp for violence fans. The latter version would feature head-to-head competitions between two (separately) licensed owners of the game, or computer-generated opponents for solo play. Once in a while, the game would use a Zeppelin, which would blow sky-high when hit. Oh, the humanity!

One more work day before my ten-day vacation! We’re going to see my cousin in Los Angeles, Loyal Readers Numbers Three and Fifteen, and Loyal Readers Numbers Five and Twelve. And Maybe Loyal Reader Number Six, depending on whether he’s available or not. What fun!

Oh, and we’re also building the big screen in the backyard on Friday and Saturday. Wish us luck.

See you tomorrow.

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