Loyal Reader Number Twenty-One

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twenty-One during his recent week with us. Congratulations, LRN21, it’s your Very Special Day! Photo courtesy of . . . some Loyal Reader. Could have been One, could have been Two, could have been Four, could have been Twenty. Who knows? In any case, it’s a good picture.

The internet’s working pretty well on the train today, although I can’t access the blog. Need to call the family shortly after I get to work to have them check on the server. I also can’t access spinfo or the HRVA. Server problems suspected. Reboot prescribed.

(Special Evening Update: Server fine. Comcast service down all day, for the second time in a week. Unable to find alternative service at this time, but actively looking.)

I’ve been having more and more frequent hard crashes of my gadget (my formerly-trusty old Palm M515), each time requiring a hard reboot, which loses everything on the Palm. That’s not a complete disaster, of course, since all I have to do is sync back up with my laptop and everything is restored as good as new. Well, almost everything, anyway. I do lose everything that’s been added or changed since my last sync, which usually happens just before I leave work on either Thursday or Friday afternoon. The crashes usually happen on Sundays, which leads us to ask what is different in my Palm usage on Sundays. The only thing I can think of is that I use the MarkMyScriptures application much more on Sundays than on other days of the week. On a normal day, I read a chapter, update my bookmark, and close the app. On Sundays, I tend to jump around from document to document, update verse markings, and open and close the app multiple times. It’s already proven itself to be buggy and have memory leakage problems, so maybe I need to reconsider my usage of that app. And maybe the hardware is just fine after all, which would be good.

I’ve been thinking yet again about going back to a paper calendar anyway. But every time I do, I miss my Palm. What to do? As things at work get more classified, I may have to abandon the electronics anyway, so I’m looking around.

And we’re all sick of hearing me rattle on. See you tomorrow.

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