Here’s Loyal Reader Number Nine and my non-reader niece gettin’ groovy in the disco on the Disney ship, taken during our September 2005 cruise. Far out, man.

I’m a little grouchy this evening. Apparently, the post office has started forwarding our mail back to Santa Clara. This is not good, for those of you who were wondering. We must make them stop. Occasionally, some important things come in the mail and it would be nice to receive them.

Otherwise, the day’s been just fine. I chose (poorly) to drive today. There was an accident. I got there late. Nothing bad happened. So everything’s fine and I heard a lot of podcasts.

Loyal Reader Number Seven had a great idea in yesterday’s comments. I think one of my favorite talks was Elder Bednar (I think), who invited people to choose to quit being offended. I’ve known way too many people who can’t get over something somebody said or did a long time ago, so they punish themselves for years with anger and bitterness. The ironic thing is that the person who gave the offense generally has no idea what happened those many years ago and is happy as a clam. It’s long since time for those people to get over it. I also enjoyed Elder Eyring‘s talk.

My, the First Presidency looked old, didn’t they? It’s clear they won’t be with us forever. President Hinckley looked pretty frail (reasonable for a 96-year-old who recently underwent two major surgeries) and I was distressed to see President Faust unable to stand. I certainly hope things continue to improve for them both. President Monson pretty much looked like President Monson.

I finally made an update to the HRVA site! Have a look at my “Vagabonds” article and let me know what you think. I’m trying really hard to update it on weekends, but haven’t done too well so far. I’m also trying to figure out how to make the site look better (background graphics, etc.), so far without much luck. I also want to figure out how to get some decals printed cheaply so I can pass them out when we go camping (and send them to registered members, of course!). I also need to order some parts so I can write the Coleman lantern rebuilding article. Busy, busy, busy.

Nothing else for today. It’s late and I must get my beauty rest.

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