Primitive conditions

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two Way Back When in the Fortress of Solitude, putting up with the primitive conditions we had to suffer there. A box for a computer desk indeed! How did we survive?

Greetings from the Ace train! Of course there’s no WiFi. I’m writing now and publishing later. I’m kind of settling on riding the train on Mondays and Thursdays (or possibly Fridays), driving the Honda on two of the other days, and driving the truck on the other day (don’t want to put too many miles on the Honda, you know). Or maybe something else.

As is evident above, I’m again running out of Great Art for the blog. Gotta get out over the weekend again. The demands on a Great Artist can be heavy.

I also need to make a couple other runs this weekend. Sadly, my next-to-last pair of reading glasses broke a couple of days ago. Time to get to Costco and get a bunch of new ones. Hopefully, they’ll have some. I also need to go to the auto parts store or WalMart or someplace and get shiny new license plate bolts for the front of the truck. Gotta stay legal.

It’s General Conference weekend! On the one hand, it’s really nice to have a change and we always enjoy Conference and we can watch all the sessions but one from the comfort of our own home and our own jammies. Also, we can snack. On the other hand, we need to schedule both days around it. Not to worry, though – we’ll be Tivoing it just in case we get busy at the auto parts store or something.

It’s hard to believe September is already essentially over. Time to get going on the Christmas shopping.

I absolutely, positively, am going to finish something for the HRVA this weekend. Any Loyal Readers care to publish something there? Book reviews, historic camping articles, how-to articles, campground reviews, pictures of old RVs you’ve seen, or anything else relevant is welcome. Send me a query letter!

Time to quit. Have a great weekend!

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