Here’s a truly Artistic Photo. Fame and glory to anyone who can figure out where it was taken.

It’ll have to be another short post tonight, as it’s pretty late and I just got home. Went out with the missionaries tonight and talked to a couple of nice people. Then I brought them to our house, fed them ice cream and cookies, and took them home. That pretty much took up the whole day, though.

I drove the truck to work today. Those new tires really make a difference. There’s much less noise and a much smoother ride now. I guess I don’t mind so much spending a bunch of money on one of the cars as long as I can tell the difference when it’s done.

I don’t think I mentioned earlier that Loyal Reader Number Four and I went to a used book sale at the library on Saturday. We happened to be there when they announced the “buck a bag” sale, so we got a couple of bags and stocked up on a bunch of books we only sort of wanted. We can throw them away when we’re finished with them. The upside is that I have a large stock of obscure books for Morrowlife Book Club fodder. I’m sure my Loyal Readers can hardly wait. Mine are mostly books from the 70’s about auto racing. That was a really good era for racing, so I’m looking forward to reading them. I also got one about fly fishing, which I would very much like to have the time to learn how to do. I think there’s a gardening book in there somewhere too. LRN4’s books appear to be mostly kids’ stuff – Newberry award winners, etc. I’ll add to the Book Club list as I get to them.

Speaking of which, I’ve finished everything previously on the list, plus another Wodehouse title whose name escapes me right now. It was about high-school-aged boys at a boarding school and their shenanigans. Nobody could write light fiction about upper-class twits quite like Wodehouse. I added a couple more of his books to my Gadget this afternoon, which will make it to the book club list Real Soon Now.

That’s all for tonight. See you on Friday!

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