I’m not sure whether this guy is a Disneyland cast member or just a weird guest. Either way, he kind of creeps me out.

It’ll have to be a short post tonight, since it’s getting close to 11:00 PM. We got back a little bit ago from the Drifters/Coasters/Platters concert at the Sahara hotel. It was a lot of fun! As I may have mentioned, our quasi-relative Barry Singer is part of the show’s management and he offered us complimentary tickets. We sat right by the stage and had a nice time. I don’t know whether any of the performers were actually in the Drifters/Coasters/Platters back in the day, but they were entertaining and we enjoyed hearing a lot of the oldies. Loyal Reader Number Two was the youngest person at the show, so they gave him a free autographed CD, which was really nice. We shook a few hands and generally enjoyed ourselves. Oh, and it wasn’t too loud either. I guess they knew they were playing to a slightly Older Crowd and they kept it mellow.

We didn’t get to the Pinball Hall of Fame today – or anywhere else other than the concert. The boys spent the day working on school, so nobody was free. I guess we might make it tomorrow, but things are going to start getting busy then, so I don’t know. Maybe Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two and I will sneak over there sometime.

I spent a good part of the afternoon working on my brother-in-law’s computers. His laptop had a partially-installed copy of an anti-virus program, which was causing all kinds of havoc. I struggled for quite a while to figure out how to remove it. Its installer would neither remove it nor install a new copy of itself over it. Its second-chance installer did the same thing – can’t remove, can’t install. Its last-chance remover program wouldn’t work because it complained of a missing file. I tried removing files and registry entries by hand, but it still wouldn’t go away. Finally, it occurred to me to just stick another copy of the missing last-chance file into the program’s main folder. I did it, and it worked! Suddenly, MSN Messenger, the anti-spyware program, and a few other things started working again. I’m in the middle of installing and updating an earlier version of the anti-virus program, which ought to actually work. Recommendation to my Loyal Readers: stay away from PC-Cillin 2007 for the time being.

Now I have to get the desktop machine to clean up its file directory table, which keeps getting corrupted, possibly because of a bad sector in an inopportune location. It keeps making me run CHKDSK on it, which seems to clear it up, but it comes right back the next time I boot the machine. We may have to put in a new disk, since a couple of other people have already tried reinstalling the system and the corruption just keeps coming back. I’ll try reinstalling again, of course, but I don’t have much hope for that. The trouble, of course, is that computer manufacturers don’t include a system disk – this machine just has a few Ghost images on its hard disk. When the disk goes belly-up, you’re pretty much out of luck. Maybe I can use one of those programs that makes an exact copy of the original disk onto the new one. Yeah, that’s the ticket. I have such a program at home and can probably download it from the internet if necessary. A plan! That’s just crazy enough that it might . . . get us all killed!

Well, I’m off to bed. See you tomorrow.

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