Valley Forge Church

Here’s an old church we visited when we took a tour of Valley Forge a few months back. Sorry about the fuzziness – it was pretty dark in there and I wanted to get the effect of the stained glass. Also, I didn’t have a tripod with me. Also, I don’t plan to start carrying a tripod. So I guess my Loyal Readers will just have to accept the occasional fuzziness.

No post on Friday – we were incredibly busy with the family in Las Vegas. It doesn’t look like any of the Loyal Readers really missed it, though. We’re back in the Secret Undisclosed Location now, so posting will get back to its normal high quality and frequency.

What a great weekend! We went to the Las Vegas temple for Loyal Readers Numbers Three and Fifteen’s sealing. It went very well and was definitely worth the wait (although I personally could have waited a much shorter time!). Loyal Readers Numbers Five and Twelve came to Las Vegas too, along with LRN15’s mom, sister, and grandparents. We had a great time together.

Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two and I finally got to go to the Pinball Hall of Fame on Friday night. It was a lot of fun! As advertised, it was absolutely crammed with pinball machines new and old, and (essentially) all of them worked perfectly. I got to meet the owner of the place and mentioned that I had read about it in Make Magazine. He hadn’t seen the article yet, so I told him it said the machines were kept in great condition and when one even so much as had a lightbulb burn out, one of his numerous volunteers would rush out and fix it. He told me he’s the one who fixes everything, and when he does manage to get a volunteer, they spend all their time sitting around doing nothing. So much for Accuracy in Journalism. I still love Make, though.

We got home pretty late last night and started our normal lives back up. We had been away from home long enough to be glad to be back. A small correction, though – LRN2 stayed in Sugarloaf with LRN4. LRN5, LRN12, and he got here this evening. LRN4’s going a little stir crazy there in the mountains, so she’s here for the holidays. We’re delighted to have both she and my sweet little LRN12 for a few weeks.

They had a little bit of excitement on their trip. They had a blowout somewhere in the middle of nowhere a few hours south of here. They changed the tire themselves and then went about a quarter mile further and located a tire store at the next exit. They bought a new tire there and pushed on further north.

We made our Traditional Annual Christmas Season Calendar at Home Evening tonight. There are lots of things on the calendar, including our standards like putting up Christmas decorations, sending Christmas cards, watching Christmas movies, looking at Christmas lights, baking Christmas cookies, and going to a museum on Christmas Eve (actually, it’ll be the 23rd this year, since Christmas Eve is on Sunday). We’ve added a couple of changes this year – we’re going to have a Firefly marathon on the 26th and go to Chinatown and other strategic points in San Francisco on the 27th.

What Christmas traditions are my Loyal Readers looking forward to this year?

Well, that’s enough blathering for one day. See you tomorrow.

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