Guess where

Today’s picture is an opportunity for my Esteemed Readers to guess what I had for dinner tonight. Sorry, you don’t get three guesses. Two would probably be too many. I’ll be checking the comments later. Be the first to guess!

Landed in Florida a little before noon today. The plane trip was uneventful and relaxing, although I had to ride in – gasp! – coach. It was a US Airways plane, so my frequent flyer status was meaningless. I experienced the usual levels of US Airways service, meaning, of course, that the service was lousy. There was one polite flight attendant and the counter agent who took my bag was very nice. The gate agent was incredibly rude to everyone, so I felt lucky to escape her notice. Two good things, though – my suitcase didn’t get lost and the pilot made an outstandingly soft landing. I congratulated him for it on my way out the door and he seemed pleased that somebody noticed.

I talked the lady at Avis out of a convertible. It’s a Chrysler Sebring – an old guy’s convertible, but I suppose that might be appropriate in my case. The weather today was simply perfect, so I enjoyed some top-down motoring. I took a couple of pictures of the car this evening and might try working one in to the blog soon.

Spent the afternoon at Astrotech. I was the only person there from our team, so it was very quiet in the office. Not a bad thing. Things will get busy tomorrow and then frantic the day after.

I still haven’t finished Where Wizards Stay Up Late (still enjoying it – more later), but Reader Number Four and I went to the library on Saturday and I checked out a couple of books on consulting, which just might be my ticket to fame and fortune, assuming my current plan of entering sweepstakes doesn’t work out. The one I brought on this trip is called How to Start a Freelance Consulting Business, which I think is an admirably descriptive title. I haven’t even started it yet, so I’ll reserve comments until I have something to comment about (yes, I know – that’s never stopped me before; you’re so obvious). I’m adding it to the book club and will let you know how it comes out, although most of my readers will find it doesn’t exactly apply to their circumstances. I predict a happy ending.

Rather than reading on the plane, I listened to actual music on my iPod today. I almost never do that, and there are 172+ songs on it, most of which I like a lot, so I just spent the two and a half hours vegetating. It was quite relaxing. I need to get back to podcasts soon – I have about 48 hours’ worth of material on there, and more coming all the time – but I’m still going through a few songs as I write this. Earth, Wind, and Fire‘s Got to Get You Into My Life (song 121 of 172) is playing right now. Very nice.

I also brought several movies on this trip. I have a mini Cary Grant film festival, consisting of Father Goose, His Girl Friday, and Arsenic and Old Lace. Then there’s Bob Hope‘s The Ghost Breakers, Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly in Rear Window, Judy Holliday‘s Born Yesterday, William Powell and Myrna Loy in Song of the Thin Man (the one I couldn’t watch last week because I had forgotten to finalize it on my DVD recorder), and one movie I recorded recently but forgot to write its title on the disk. I’m sure it’s a really good movie, though.

I’m in the Marriott Courtyard hotel for a couple of days, after which I’ll be moving over to the Cape Winds. It’s really tempting to just stay in the Courtyard and accumulate Marriott points, but I sure enjoy staying in the much larger condos with their oceanfront view, living rooms, and kitchens. There’s a Marriott Residence Inn opening in a couple of weeks here. I’ll have to check it out.

Well, I need to post this and get to bed, so I’ll say good night. I already miss Readers One, Two, and Four. Take care.

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