Top down

As hinted yesterday, here’s a fairly lame picture of this week’s rental car – the old guy’s convertible.

It was a little cooler here today – maybe only up to about 68 degrees, and it’s 57 and windy right now. It was so cool on my way back from work this evening that I had to put the top up! What a waste.

Had Chinese dinner with my colleague Roy this evening. I’ve eaten there several times before, and continue to enjoy it every time I go. I’m pretty full tonight, though.

Work was busy today. I attended two meetings that lasted until about 2:00, ran out and got a hamburger, and then went back to the office to try to get a few things done. Instead, I ended up unpacking and installing four new printers. It needed to be done, but took a lot of time I didn’t have. Still, if I hadn’t done it, somebody even busier would have had to do it. Oh well, I’ll get everything done tomorrow.

Except I probably won’t. The spacecraft arrives tomorrow morning, so it will be another incredibly busy day. This is what happens on launch campaigns – you run from meeting to meeting all day and then spend your evenings doing all your regular work. I need to send out a couple of models and do two expense reports The frustrating thing is that I’m under strict orders to try to not work overtime, so I feel obligated to go home at the end of the day rather than trying to get things done. I’m right back in another situation where pleasing my managers means I have to short-change my customers. Sigh.

I only got one vote on yesterday’s contest. I’m pleased to say, though, that Reader Number One was absolutely correct. It was sushi yesterday, and it was pretty good sushi at that.

I want to get a movie started tonight, but I really need to get to bed. Tomorrow’s moving day, so I’ll have to pack my bags again, and I really ought to get to work pretty early. Maybe I’ll just go to bed right now. Either way, this is done. See you tomorrow.

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